Do you love the trail and figuring out how to make your gear better?

YAMA is looking for sewing machine operators to meet increasing demand. I’m currently a solo operation, and there’s plenty of opportunity for the right individual who wants to help grow the brand with an eye on our environmental impacts.

Location: Bonner, MT

YAMA is located just outside of Missoula on the banks of the Blackfoot river. We are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and have incredible access to trails directly from town and in every direction.

The position(s)

In this position, you will be working in a sewing workshop environment and asked to perform related manufacturing duties. You will primarily use industrial sewing machines and cutting tools to assist in the making of tents, backpacks, and other outdoor recreation equipment. You may also be asked to help with the finishing, packaging, and fulfillment of products.

The position is expected to evolve over time as skills are developed and strengths identified. Additional opportunities for growth may exist for those interested in design or management work.

Helpful characteristics include:

  • Good manual dexterity with an ability to 'make things' and work on intricate tasks
    (I value this more than prior sewing experience)
  • Experience with sewing fine/lightweight fabrics
  • A drive to complete tasks efficiently, with accuracy
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time while performing repetitive tasks efficiently
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A love for the mountains: hiking, backpacking, trail running, fastpacking, bikepacking!


Starting pay is based on experience and will increase as proficiency in new skills is developed.


Scheduling and hours are flexible. Part-time and Full time positions are available depending on the candidate’s experience and wishes.


  • After 90 days of employment, employees are eligible to begin receiving paid time off for their time volunteered at approved non-profits engaged in conservation and environmental efforts.
  • One day per month, full-time employees are encouraged to work on their own outdoor gear project.

Some things to consider

  • If you're not local to Missoula, MT, be aware that there is a huge housing shortage here with rental vacancy near 0%. Though not impossible, relocation is challenging.

To Apply

Interested? Please shoot me an email at with a cover letter and resume. I’d love to hear what you have to offer!