YAMA Labs - Pogies for Wind & Rain

Simple, Smart Rain Mitts


Create a better rain mitt.


The design is complete. We are tweaking size options based on feedback and determining the best fabric to use.


These rain mitts are designed around a tube. It slides on over your hand and wrist, and has an opening at the bottom of the other end to allow use of trekking poles. It also enables you to quickly free your hands without removing the mitts to easily do things like tying your shoes - try that with a typical mitt! The end around your arm is secured using a one handed cinch. There is enough volume inside to wear gloves on colder days and they also act as great wind blocks.


For his PCT section hike in 2015, YAMA's founder, Gen, made up some netted hand coverings to try through the mosquito infested portions of the trail he would be covering. Another hiker saw these and suggested that they'd also make good rain mitts (if made from waterproof fabric rather than netting, of course). After the trail and some further head scratching, a much simpler design came to life with us wondering why we hadn't thought of this earlier.


We're trying to zero in on the best sizes and want to hear your feedback!

We are making a limited number of Pogies available at reduced cost of $11 for a pair (50% off expected MSRP).

In exchange, you will let us know what you think of the fit. Is it a bit small? Too big? Or is it just right? We want to know (along with any other feedback on your experience with them.

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Trekking pole compatible

One-handed cinching

Easy access to more intricate tasks

Share your thoughts!