YAMA Labs - Sassafras Pack

Packs that move with you


Create a low volume pack that provides good stability, freedom of movement, and on-the-fly access


We've played with a few ideas and variations on this pack and are zeroing in on the direction for the design.


The Sassafras takes inspiration from running vests; numerous shoulder strap pockets and generous hip belt pockets provide on-the-fly access. To retain freedom of movement while allowing greater load carrying capability, we're investigating support systems that provide vertical rigidity while allowing twist and flex.

Interested in helping us test this?

Our testing is currently still in-house for the Sassafras. At later stages of development, we'll seek a few people to test this item and provide us with feedback. Please check back to see our progress and if we're looking for people to test the pack.

An early rendition of the pack

An early rendition of the pack

An early rendition of the pack

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