Born on the trail

Born from conversations on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2006, YAMA is a company built around a workshop and a life on the trail.

Our Path

Conversations on the Pacific Crest Trail led me to found YAMA in 2006 (under the name Alpinlite). Since then, I’ve strived to get out on the trail as much as I can, and to design efficient, thoughtful, and beautiful gear inspired by my trail experiences. It’s important to me to make the most of by outdoor time, and I aim to help you find that balance that allows you to explore efficiently and comfortably.

As YAMA grows, I aim to be ultralight on the enviroment. It's a complex challenge, and while I don't have the answers, I'm seeking ways to minimize enviromental impacts while out enjoying our planet.

~Gen Shimizu

Our Home

I design and build our tents, tarps and most accessories out of our Charlottesville, Virginia based workshop (some accessories are now lovingly sewn in a Pennsylvania based facility). The Appalachian trail, George Washington NF, and Shenandoah NP are all nearby playgrounds. How lucky we are to be just minutes from the trail!

Visits by appointment:
1304 East Market Street
Suite V
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Thanks to those who've helped us along the way.