Taking action, today.

The issues facing our planet are existential and require urgent action. That's why we're building awareness of our environmental impacts, and action, into the foundation of how we do business.


Climate Neutral Certified
  • We are Climate Neutral Certified, meaning we’ve measured, reduced, and compensated for all of our carbon emissions from making and delivering products in 2022 and 2023.
Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • In 2023, our estimated* emissions for Scope 1, 2, & 3 totaled 31.3 metric tons CO2-e (~70,112 lbs).
    *Includes an overestimate of 15%. Based on an economic input-output model.
Carbon Offsetting
  • We've created a policy to incentivize volunteerism with environmentally focused non-profits. When an employee uses their PTO to do volunteer work, they receive 150% of their applied PTO.
Raw Material
  • We have transitioned all of our [non-DCF] tarps to Recycled Silpoly.
  • We try to provide waste specs for our products. This spec shows you about how much in-house waste is produced for a given product, on average. Look for it in the product specifications.
  • Waste audits help us stay aware of how much trash we make.
  • We REUSE packaging materials when it makes sense. Thanks for your understanding if you receive your order in a box that has a history!
  • We use recycled content and paper tapes in our packaging materials as much as possible. Most of our unused padded mailers are 32.6% post consumer waste and designed for multiple uses. YOU can recycle these mailers and padded Priority Mail envelopes wherever grocery bags are accepted.

Past Actions

Donated 1% of our revenue
  • In the past, we've purchased Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to ensure that our electricity came from renewable resources. Unfortunately, our energy use data became unavailable to us in 2022, however, the carbon offsets that we've purchased still account for the emissions from our estimated usage.
Climate Action Corps
  • YAMA Mountain Gear is proud to have been a founding member of the Climate Action Corps, a group of collaborating companies taking the lead on climate action in the outdoor industry. Unfortunately, we discontinued our membership in 2022. While we learned much from our participation, we found that it was not a practical fit for a small business of our size.


Reduction Action Plans

Raw materials (in progress)
  • We will transition 100% of our foreign-sourced nylon webbing to recycled nylon across all of our products.
Packaging (in progress)
  • Eliminate all rubber bands from the packaging of our tents and tarps.
Raw materials (in progress)
  • We will expand the use of recycled materials in our sewn products by transitioning the fabrics used to make our products' floors from virgin polyester/nylon to recycled polyester or recycled nylon.
Employee commuting (completed)
  • We will implement a policy for low-carbon commuting to incentivize public transit, running, biking, and carpooling.
Operational waste (completed)
  • We will reduce waste from cut/sew-offcuts at the YAMA Workshop by providing fabric scraps to DIY makers for upcycling.