Tie-outs and guying


YAMA’s tie-outs are designed to be simple, strong and versatile. Most tie-outs consist of a loop of cord tied to grosgrain webbing that has been stitched to the tarp with an 'x-box' pattern. You can stake directly through the loop to the ground, thus placing wear and tear on the easily replaceable cord loop rather than the grosgrain. Removeable LineLoc tensioners installed on the loops allow for easy tensioning of your guyline. The LineLocs can be removed, non-destructively, to save weight or implement other tensioning systems.

How to tie a cord loop to the tie-out

Start with a cord roughly 6 - 7" long. Tie the ends of the cord together using a fisherman’s knot as shown below.
Note: Your tarp/shelter will come with these loops pre-installed.

Attaching or removing a LineLoc tensioner

Attach a LineLoc tensioner by looping the cord through the opening of the LineLoc as shown in the images below. This method of attachment allows for easy replacement of the LineLoc if it is ever needed, and allows you to easily switch between different guying methods.

Shock cord connections between net-tents and tarps

When pitched with your tarp, our Bug Shelters do not require their own stakes. Instead, clip the Bug Shelter to your tarp or your tarp's stakes using shock cord and mitten hooks.