Product Availability

In most cases, items that are available to add to your cart are in-stock and ready to ship. Please refer to the shipping tab or page for expected fulfillment times.

Some items may be marked as "Avalable to backorder," "Made to order," and/or show a lead time. In these cases refer to the information on the product page for expected fulfillment times.

For items that are sold out, please refer to the production calendar and the FAQ below for more information.

Q: What is the "Inactive Product" Category?

A: Products in the "Inactive Product" category are not expected to be available any time soon. While I intend to offer them again, they are 'on-hold' indefinitely so that we can focus attention on other products.

Q: Why is so much stuff sold out?!

A: Our capacity is very limited, and we can't make products nearly quickly enough to meet demand. We only sell what I have in-stock, and don't typically take backorders. I know this can make it hard for you to plan, but in the longer term, it should help us to grow and to serve you better in the long term. See the last question for more info about this.

Q: When can I expect the item I'm interested in to become available?

A: For most items, please refer to the production calendar at the bottom of this page. This calendar shows when I expect to work on more substantial products. For some accessory products, production may not always be scheduled in advance and availability may be unpredictable.

FYI: If you do not see the item that you are interested in, then I do not know when it may become available (I don't have a private schedule beyond what's shown!).

Q: Can I pre-order, back-order, or reserve an item?

A: I'm afraid not. Out of fairness to everyone, I don't make special arrangements to reserve products. On rare occasions, I may open a product up for back-ordering to everyone (or a new product for pre-ordering). When this happens, it's made available to order on the website. If you are signed up for the stock notification, you will receive a notice that the item is available to order.

Q: Can you let me know when the item becomes available?

A: Yes. On the product page, enter your email address in the space provided to be automatically notified when inventory becomes available. If you don't see where you can do this, please let me know; sometimes there's a fluke in the settings and the field doesn't show. Please note that the email notification could get filtered out as spam. You can try to 'whitelist' to make sure the email comes through.

Q: Why do you do things this way, and what are you doing to improve the situation?

A: For years I followed the more common back-order model, basically making everything to order. This approach made it challenging to increase production, limited time available to design new products or refine existing ones, impacted my personal/outdoor time, and meant long waits to get your gear delivered. I changed my approach when I moved to Montana in 2019. Offering only what's already made allows me to work and plan more efficiently, and opens up hiring opportunities.


- For products shown on the calendar, you can typically expect the item to be made available towards the end, or soon after the period shown on the calendar. Sometimes, however, some items may be listed earlier in the period. For example, if the calendar shows that I'm working on tapered tarps, certain sizes may become available earlier within the period with other sizes coming later.

- Items that specify "ongoing production" mean that we are continually working on these items and doing our best to maintain inventory. If the item or a particular size is sold out, you can expect it to likely become available soon.

- Please note that you can change the month shown on the calendar using the arrows at the top.