Product Availability

Thank you for your recent patience while I relocated across the country to Montana! I've taken this opportunity to change the way I handle orders. Moving forward, I will no longer take backorders and only products that are in-stock will be available for purchase. This eliminates the lengthy lead times of the past and allows me to work more efficiently. The downside is that I'll often still be over capacity (I'm just one person, making everything), so many items will be "sold out."

I realize that these changes can make it difficult for you to plan, so if the item you're looking for is sold out, please refer to the calendar below for an anticipated production schedule. You may also want to sign up to be notified of availability on the product page. Please understand that the schedule may change without notice, and that some items, especially accessories, may be squeezed in during pockets of available time. If you don't see the item of interest in the calendar, that means that I haven't scheduled it yet and don't know when it might be available.