Changes are afoot here at YAMA, and we want to keep you in the loop.

What’s changing?

We're consolidating our product line to focus our efforts on our most specialized products:

Why do this?

Dealing with frequently sold-out products with no clear restock date is getting old for all of us. By streamlining the product offering, we can better maintain inventory and free up design time to bring you new gear and advance our existing lineup.

Who’s leaving?

We’ll be sad to see them go, but we plan to phase out several products over the coming months.  You may start to see them disappear from the website as they sell out or move to the Closeouts section. If you’ve been eyeing one of these items, this could be your last chance to grab it.

  • Chest Zip Bug Bivy
  • Ridge Zip Bug Bivy
  • All tapered tarps
  • All flat tarps
  • All DCF tarps (we do anticipate a few more runs of the 1P DCF Cirriform)
  • Some items, like the rain skirt and pogies, may also be phased out.

What’s brewing?

We’re excited to free up time to explore new ideas and finally finish up some projects placed on hold over the years.

Some examples of gear that we’d love to [re]introduce::

  • The Microburst PonchoTent 
    • Dating back to 2006 - the original driver that got YAMA started!
  • The Shrike
    •  Think smaller Sassafras
  • The Wiggle Pack (until we think of a better name!)
    • Think Shrike with a large fanny pack that cinch together to work as a single unit.
    • Started in 2015
  • Modular straps or adjustable torso for the Sassafras
    • Intermittent experimentation over the years.

We're excited about these changes and eager to bring you some new gear!