Some tips for using the Cirriform

Entry & Egress

  • While unpacking sleeping pads, bags, etc., we usually kneel at the door and face the rear of the shelter to set things up.
  • We typically find it easiest to enter the shelter by swiveling around as we sit down just inside the door. Shoes then come off and then we swivel back around to get situated.
  • We DO NOT recommend crawling in head first, at least not all the way - you'll find your head at the narrow foot end and have difficulty turning around.

Angling the pole

  • To get your trekking pole out of the way of the door opening, consider angling it off to the side.
  • Angle the pole so that the bottom is off to the side away from the door opening.
  • Lengthen the pole to bring the peak back to its full height.
  • Many people will angle the pole like this while hanging out in camp and reposition it vertically (more secure) when they retire for the night.
  • If leaving the pole angled, you can increase the security of your pitch by moving the peak’s stake further to the side away from door opening. This helps to counteract the lean of the pole.