Sassafras V3 Options & Customizations

We offer several configurable options and accessories for the Sassafras. When you order, please review the option information here and submit the CUSTOMIZATION & SIZING FORM within one week.

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Pack Fabrics

The following fabrics and colors are available for the pack.

Ecopak EPX70RS

We recommend this fabric for most people. A little lighter than EPX200. Note that the bottom panel and a portion of the hip belt sleeve will be made from Black Xpac VX21.

  • 100% Recycled components
  • C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons)
  • 5.05 oz/yd2 (171 gsm)
  • 70D Ripstop face, 70D Ripstop backing
  • Colors: Black, Grey
Ecopak EPX200

More durable than EPX70RS and is recommended for heavier duty use where the pack might get scraped against rocks. Or, for those who want some color in their lives!

  • 100% Recycled components
  • C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons)
  • 5.90 oz/yd2 (200 gsm)
  • 200D Ripstop face, 70D Ripstop backing
  • Colors: Golden Dazy, Fuchsia, Tropic Teal, Bright Blue, Ocean Blue, Army Olive, Brick Red
Ultra 200 (EPL200)

New for 2023! Great durability for the weight. The lightest and priciest option.

  • C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons)
  • 3.5 oz/yd2 (119 gsm)
  • 0.5 mil RUV™ film backing
  • 200d face Ultra-PE blended with high-tenacity polyester
  • Color: Black
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Pocket fabrics

The following fabrics and colors are available for the pockets. Note that the "Main Pocket" refers to the rear facing, outer pocket on the pack body.

Schoeller Dynamic

Durable, stretchy, and proven. This is the fabric that we've used for the pockets on earlier versions of the Sassafras.

  • ~5 oz/yd2
  • 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane
  • Possible locations: Shoulder strap pockets, Main & Side pockets (Style A)
  • Colors: Blue, Purple, Forest Green, and Lichen
See color combination examples.
Venom UL Stretch Mesh

A stretchy nylon fabric with UHMWPE ripstop grid to enhance cut resistance. Note that we haven't tested the longer term durability of this fabric.

  • 5.0 oz/yd2 (170 gsm)
  • 66% Nylon 6.6, 21% UHMWPE, 13% Lycra
  • Possible locations: Shoulder strap pockets, Main & Side pockets (Style A)
  • Colors: Black with white grid
See color combination examples.

This mesh is not stretchy, but allows you to see what's in the pockets.

  • Weight per yd2 not available
  • Content not available
  • Possible location: Main pocket (Style B)
  • Colors: Black
Lycra Mesh

More stretchy, but not as durable as the other fabrics.

  • 5.0 oz/yd2 (170 gsm)
  • 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex
  • Possible locations: Pockitos
  • Color: Black
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Pocket Styles

We offer two styles of pocket for the main (rearmost) and side pockets.

Style A

Based on our original pocket design, these pockets are made from stretchy fabric so they sit more flush to the pack, helping them to keep a slimmer profile.

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Style B

These pockets aren't stretchy but instead have a 3D shape and provide more volume than Style A. The main pocket is made from mesh and the top is finished with elastic. The side pockets are made from either Ecopak EPX70RS or EXP200 (your choice). The tops of the side pockets cinch. Style B is a great way to add some contrasting color to your pack, and if you choose this style, you'll also have the option to have your shoulder straps and/or hipbelt made with the matching color. Note that the bottom of the main pocket will be made from the same material that you select for the side pockets, while the bottoms of the side pockets will be made from the main pack fabric (unless otherwise requested).

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Optional Items

Hydration/Stash Sleeve (optional)

This zippered sleeve helps to keep a water bladder, or other contents, up against your back and separate from the main compartment. In running vest mode, you can access items in the sleeve more readily than items in the main compartment. Note that if you’re using a bladder, you’ll need to leave the zipper slightly unzipped and run the hose through the opening. You can specify which side you’d like the zipper to open on, and we'll install elastic hose guides on that side's shoulder strap.

  • Adds ~0.8 oz (22.7g)
  • #5 Uretek, water resistant zipper
  • Recycled 20D silpoly backing
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Key Pocket (optional)

This zippered pocket on the side of the pack body is a great place to securely stow your keys and wallet during your trip. They'll be accessible at the trailhead, and you won't have to search for a random stuff sack that might get lost.

  • Adds ~0.24 oz (6.8 g)>
  • #3 Uretek, water resistant zipper
  • Recycled 20D silpoly backing
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Pockitos (optional)

These small "pockitos" on the shoulder straps can hold a variety of items. There are four locations where we can install them. The lower location overlaps a bit with the main shoulder strap pocket with the opening about 2” above the top of the shoulder strap pocket. The upper location is at the shoulder and runs into where the strap connects to the pack. Note that items protruding from the top of the main shoulder strap pockets may interfere with use of the pockitos at the lower locations.

Some examples of what might be carried in the pockitos include: rain pogies, energy gels, lip balm, mini satellite communicator, small knife, headlamp, etc.

  • Adds ~0.12 oz (3.4 g) each
  • Made from lycra mesh
  • About 4" deep
  • Locations: Top of shoulder straps (2), Mid-shoulder strap (2)
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Ice Axe Loop (optional)

The optional Ice Axe loop consists of a ⅜" Nylon webbing loop at the bottom and ⅛" shock cord cinch at the top to ensure your axe stays secure. The upper cinch has two ‘hooks’ that when not securing an axe, can be used to secure tall items in the side pocket (the upper cinch is available without the lower loop).

  • Adds ~0.22 oz (6.2 g) each
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Trekking Pole Stow (optional)

The trekking pole stow is a simple addition to the shoulder strap that facilitates the stashing of your z-fold trekking poles. We can install it for you, or you can install it later, if needed.

  • Adds ~0.14 oz (4.0 g)
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Removable Items

These items are not optional when you order, but they are removable (without having to permanently cut anything).

Load Stabilizers (removable)

The load stabilizers help you tweak how the pack carries. Tightening the stabilizers sucks the weight in closer to your back to better lock it in place. Loosening them reduces constriction. We use them mostly when carrying larger loads with the extension collar filled up. When carrying small loads, we often leave them at home.

  • Accounts for ~0.60 oz (17.0g)
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Hip Stabilizers (removable)

The hip stabilizers help to restrict movement of the bottom of the pack and improve load transfer when tightened. Loosening them, or removing/omitting them increases freedom of movement.

  • Accounts for ~0.41 oz (11.6g)
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Hip Belt (removable)

For more substantial loads, the hip belt helps to secure the pack and dial in how it carries. It's also compatible with our additional accessories for increased functionality.

  • Accounts for 2.4 - 3.1 oz (69 - 87g) depending on size
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Shock Cord Lashing/Compression (removable)

The shock cord on the rearmost panel provides compression and lashing possibilities. Hooks on the cord allow you to configure it as needed, and o-rings on the sides allow securement of tall items, like tent poles, in your side pockets. Shorten the cord to taste, or remove if not needed.

  • Accounts for 0.76 oz (21.5g)
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Center/Top Compression Strap (removable)

The strap that goes across the top of the pack is removable/interchangeable to allow you to swap out different lengths. For example, when used in vest mode, swap the strap out for a shorter length.

Note that the g-hooks that we use (and metal hardware in general) is hard on webbing so you may see this strap start to wear quickly. Making the strap removable allows easy replacement if needed.

  • Accounts for 0.3 oz (8.4g)
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Accessory Items

These add-on items are available separately as needed. We are in the process of adding these products to the website and will add links and information as it becomes available.

Feed Bag (accessory)

A cinch top pouch for snacks or other small items like liner gloves or a hat.

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Trash Pocket (accessory)

A detachable pocket for storing your empty and smelly food wrappers. It attaches to the shoulder strap and easily disconnects so you can toss the whole smelly thing in your bear bag or canister at night.

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Bear Spray Holster (accessory)

For those places where you want to carry bear spray, having it quickly accessible is important. Carrying it in one of the Sassafras’s shoulder straps works well, but uses up valuable space. Free up that space with this holster that attaches to your hip belt.

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Smart Phone Pouch (accessory)

This lightly padded pouch clips shut to provide a secure place for your smart phone. It attaches to either the hip belt or a shoulder strap.

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Tug straps (accessory)

When the miles feel long, it can feel good to grab onto these straps and tug on them as you work up a steep climb.

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Map Pocket (accessory)

This sleeve provides accessible storage for your map. Great for orienteering or trips when you need to refer to your map often.

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