Sassafras V3 Updates

The 3rd generation of the Sassafras retains much of the general shape and thinking behind its predecessors, and addresses some of the pain points of the earlier versions. Many of the changes are in the details and not all changes are listed.

Shoulder Straps

  • Load stabilizers are removable/swappable.
  • Small pockets are now optional.
  • Main pockets are slightly larger.
  • New, optional trekking pole stash system.
  • Bottoms of the shoulder straps now extend under the plastic hardware.
  • Straps are slightly wider over the shoulder.
  • Increased padding thickness.
  • New compression strap on main pockets.
  • New ‘tie points’ allow some user customization.
  • Addressed slipping of sternum strap sliders.
  • Binding along edges of shoulder straps omitted to reduce chance of chafing/irritation on neck.

General Fit & Carry

  • Shoulder straps mounted further apart.
  • Shoulder strap webbing mounts higher on the pack for a more vest-like fit & carry.
  • Load stabilizers now removable.
  • Removable Hip stabilizers introduced.
  • Pack can now be shortened for vest mode to perform and feel more like a true running vest.

Pack Body

  • Pack body is slightly larger.
  • Key pocket now optional.
  • Hydration/Stash sleeve now optional.
  • Center compression strap is swappable/removable.
  • New pocket style introduced; both styles offer increased volume.
  • Removable shock cord on back is now configurable with hooks and allows options that don’t impede access to the main pocket.
  • Roll-top only connects to itself; side connection locations eliminated.
  • Addition of g-hooks improves vest mode performance.
  • Daisy chain on bottom panel allows customization of the width of the bottom of the pack (you can have the pack taper to near zero width at the bottom).
  • Ice axe loop is now optional.

Hip Belt

  • Dedicated pockets replaced with a daisy chain to allow modular options and customization.
  • Sleeve (on pack body) hinges to allow increased freedom of movement, or can be locked in place for better load transfer.